Suboxone Services


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Dr. Joseph Turban in Honolulu and Dr. George Rourke are certified to provide suboxone treatment for those who are battling addiction to prescription pain medicines or narcotic pain pills.

Suboxone is prescribed for each individual who can pick up the prescription at local pharmacies. Each physician will work with the individual to achieve a comfortable stabilization dose. Suboxone medication in film form and taken sublingually (dissolved under the tongue) to treat opiate addiction. Counseling by licensed psychologists or a psychiatrist and an outpatient program to assist with successful recovery provides for a supportive and more focused program of recovery. Family counseling is also provided as needed. Long term opiate use can result in many issues being left unresolved. Counseling and support can help to clear the way for a truly healthy and happy life.

Enrolling in the program requires an intake and assessment appointment with a counselor and often, a referral from your primary care physician. Payment may be made by all insurances with a small co-pay by the person in treatment for each visit.