"I finally feel like someone is advocating for my needs. I have never felt this way, it feels amazing. I finally feel like I can do this."


Certified Counselors

are available to our Haumana throughout the day, starting at 5:30 am and ending at 11am. Through unique and tailored sessions, each individual can tackle their needs on a case by case basis. With ties throughout the community and an ability to connect with other agencies, our care coordination can really help our Haumana feel as if they have a fresh start.

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Services Include

  • Connect With Social Workers
  • Find housing options
  • Help with food stamps
  • Help with public assistance
  • Aid in coordinating education needs
  • Referrals to other community based programs that can help
  • Working with hospitals to ensure proper care is given
  • Connecting with clean and sober homes as well as boarding homes
  • Finding means of employment
  • Career Counseling services