Allows doctors to practice medicine using communication to deliver treatment at a distance. This new approach is growing quickly as it allows for clients to be able to speak with their doctors or psychologists at any location, at anytime (which usually is set in advance). 

The services which are provided by the doctor are provided remotely via video sessions. A patient can use their smartphone, iPad, laptop, or home based computer (must have video camera capabilities). This will be under an encrypted network and is only used after Haumana and team have built rapport, has earned take homes, and needs necessary individual counseling sessions. 


    Call either our Hilo or Honolulu facility and ask for intake
    Hilo: (808) 961-6822 | Honolulu: (808) 538-0704


    An initial over the phone screening will be performed


     If you meet the criteria for Suboxone© treatment, someone will contact you to inform you when we are scheduled to be in your area (all initial visits the patient must be seen in person, other visits will be performed remotely through live video).


    You will be provided an appointment time to meet with the doctor at a facility in your area where you will complete the intake process to begin your program.


    Follow up individual counseling sessions will be set up after you do your initial intake. You will leave with medicine that day. 

Name of insurance provider & policy #
Unemployed, Full Time, Part Time etc
What are you taking, how often do you do it, how long have you done it and when was the last time