Telemedicine Services


allows doctors to practice medicine using communication to deliver treatment at a distance.

The services which are provided by the doctor are provided remotely via video sessions. A patient can use their smartphone, iPad, laptop, or home based computer (must have video camera capabilities).

Telemedicine provides valuable benefits for the client.

  • It allows patients to be monitored without having to leave their home

  • Allow the patient to speak to the doctor in real time instead of having to an in-person appointment

  • Having easy access to a psychiatrist to treat patients earlier helps reduce need for expensive acute care later

  • Visiting your medical practitioner on your computer or your mobile gadget allows you the comfort of your residence or other locations that are more convenient for you

  • It allows outer islands to receive care (suboxone-buprenorphine, opioid use disorder treatment, psychiatric sessions) where such treatment are not otherwise available

How To Get Started

Suboxone© Program:

1). Call either our Hilo or Honolulu facility and ask for intake
Hilo: (808) 961-6822 | Honolulu: (808) 538-0704

2). An initial over the phone screening will be performed

3). If you meet the criteria for Suboxone© treatment, someone will contact you to inform you when we are scheduled to be in your area (all initial visits the patient must be seen in person, other visits will be performed remotely through live video).

4). You will be provided an appointment time to meet with the doctor at a facility in your area where you will complete the intake process to begin your program.

5). Follow up tele-med (video) appointments will be scheduled there forward.

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