Mental Health, Psychiatric and Psychological Services

Mental Health Psychiatric Help

Licensed psychologists in Honolulu provide individual and group psychotherapy for those on medication assisted therapy (MAT) with methadone or suboxone. They are Dr. Niki Wright, Dr. Mahana Chang and Dr. Heather McDermott. They also offer couples and family therapy as needed. The program in Hilo offers sessions with an on-site psychiatrist, Dr. Harry McGuffey, for those on medication assisted therapy. Individual counseling is provided by staff with CSAC or counseling degrees.

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Medication Assisted Treatment

Opioid Treatment Program

​Outpatient treatment and drug rehab for people addicted to narcotic pain relievers, heroin or other opioids utilizing methadone or suboxone. Provides counseling and practical tools and knowledge for prevention of relapse. Support groups, cognitive behavioral approaches and acupuncture help people to address lonstanding issues, change their brains, their lifestyles and gain support to achieve a healthy and happy life. Psychologists and/or psychiatrist(s), CSAC’s and doctor(s) provide structure and a variety of services.

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Courtesy Dosing

Courtesy Dosing For Hilo/Honolulu

The agency is very close to the airport in both Hilo and in Honolulu for people coming from another State or Country. Courtesy or “Guest” dosing services for people on methadone therapy is provided with a referral from your home clinic. You will be warmly received. If you are vacationing or even coming for business, it is best to use sunscreen while sightseeing or at the beach. We ask that you make arrangements two weeks prior to your trip to assure a smooth and worry-free process once you arrive. We look forward to seeing you! We also provide suboxone therapy at our Honolulu and Hilo (Hawai`i Island) sites.

HILO FAX: 808-934-9360

HONOLULU FAX: 808-538-0474

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Suboxone Services


Medication utlizing suboxone and licensed practitioners provide drug rehabilitiation and treatment for addiction to prescription pain medication or other opioid dependence.

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Outpatient Services – Cornerstone Assessment

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Substance Abuse Assessments

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Hui Ho`ola O Na Nahulu O Hawai`i

Culturally–based Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient Services

This unique program offers spiritual, cultural and trauma-informed drug rehab aimed at healing and recovery through a deeper understanding of oneself and one’s culture. It blends the wisdom of the past with today’s evidenced-based practices within a welcoming, Ohana (family) and homelike atmosphere for those seeking substance abuse treatment. Native Hawaiian practitioners and Traditional Counselors welcome each individual, recognizing them as unique and important. Intensive Outpatient, Outpatient and Continuing Care are offered for as long as the participant or haumana (word for “student” in Hawaiian) needs and as they become alaka`i, learn to mentor and assist others.

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