40 Years and Counting

For over forty years our compassionate, holistic approach to recovery centers around each participant or “haumana” (student), with the belief that anyone can recover from addiction.

Kū Aloha Ola Mau’s (Kū Aloha) unique mission, born of compassion and science, utilizes the individual’s strengths, in a holistic approach to restore meaningful and productive lives to achieve recovery and healing from substance abuse.

Our culturally responsive programs bring extraordinary outcomes for our Haumana (means student in Hawaiian) and their families to recover and heal from addiction. Our name means “stand lovingly and compassionately in everlasting life and health” describing our roots in spirituality and holistic approaches.

Services offered utilize the wisdom of ancient healing and philosophy and blending the newest scientific knowledge which ensures high standards and innovative approaches. Our mind, body and spirit approach focuses on achieving well being. Every person is precious and important and we are all connected.

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