Courtesy Dosing

Courtesy Dosing For Hilo/Honolulu

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Those visiting Oahu or Hawai`i Island for business or vacation may request to be temporarily transferred to Kū Aloha Ola Mau’s Honolulu or Hilo clinics.

To request a temporary transfer to Honolulu or Hilo:
For Hawai`i Island: Attention: Brian – 900 Leilani Street, Hilo, HI 96720 or fax: (808) 934-9360.
The addresses for the respective clinics are listed above. Please send your check to the clinic where you will be dosing.
Transfer procedures:

Have your clinic fill out this Courtesy Dosing Form (click to download). “Home clinic” is your clinic. Your physician must sign the document. Kū Aloha will fill in the Client Number, Kū Aloha Counselor, Date and Fee.

  1. FAX-ATTENTION HILO - 900 Leilani Street, Hilo Hawaii 96720 FAX: (808) 934-9360
  2. Have your clinic follow up with a phone call to Kū Aloha to verify the information.
  3. Kū Aloha will notify your clinic of approval and/or special arrangements, if needed. Your clinic will also be notified of the fee.


1. FAX -ATTENTION HONOLULU1130 N. Nimitz Hwy. Ste. C-302 FAX : (808) 538-0474

And follow the same directions as above.


  1. Send check or money order to Kū Aloha (to arrive prior to your first clinic visit at Kū Aloha) OR bring cash or money order at your first clinic visit. The fees for methadone are: $25 the first day and $15 each day thereafter for courtesy dosing.
  2. You will need to bring with you:
    1. An official photo identification card
    2. A copy of the completed Courtesy Dosing Form
    3. Your home clinic bottles (if you have take-homes)
    4. Cash or money order, unless a check was sent previously